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"Jade Pendant"

What is Jade Pendant -Pixiu anyway?

Pixiu is a legendary animal in the Chinese folklore.  He was the ninth son of Dragon King.  Legend had it that Pixiu survived by eating Gold, Silver and other valuable gemstones. He was also the pet of Jade emperor.  One day, he ate too much and shitted at the wrong place.  Jade emperor was very angry and hit his buttocks hard; as a result he was unable to defecate after that.

Traditionally, Pixiu appears in twenty six designs. Big mouth, big stomach, with no asshole, and cannot defecate.  Chinese believe that it can be used to accumulate wealth, protect home and avoid evil spirits.

Jade Pendant - In the shape of Pixiu

One pair of Jade Pendant (Pixiu).

The male Pixiu is responsible for wealth generation; and the female one is responsible for its safe keeping. That is why we have to buy them in pair to display in the office or at home. You only wear one of them, otherwise they will fight each other to gain your favor. 

Pixiu are lazy and like to sleep a lot.  We have to touch them, play with them and wake them up.  Then they will generate and keep the wealth for us.

It is believed that Jade Pendant - Pixiu is the most powerful, although Pixiu may be made of other material such as metal, wood, or porcelain.

Pixiu can help you earn more money from your job, and your business.  It can also help you make a fortune from gambling, lottery tickets and lucky draws etc.

It is very common for Chinese family to have Jade Pendant - Pixiu at home, or wear the jade pendant in the shape of a Pixiu. 

There are many modern designs of Jade Pendant Pixiu in the market now.  However, the basic elements and their functions remain unchanged!

 Burmese Pixiu

Jade Pendent Pixiu - HEAD

  • Dragon head – to have good luck and high position.
  • Toad head – to accumulate wealth.
  • Animal head – to avoid evil forces.


Jade Pendent Pixiu -TAIL

  • Phoenix tail – to have good luck and high position.
  • Ruyi tail – to accumulate wealth. (Ruyi is an S-shaped ornamental object make of jade; formerly a symbol of good luck.)
  • Lion tail – to avoid evil forces.

Jade Pendent Pixiu -HORN

  • Double horn – to have good luck and high position.
  • Without horn – to accumulate wealth.
  • Single horn – to avoid evil forces.

Jade Pendent Pixiu -SKIN

  • Scale – to have good luck and high position.
  • Without scale or hair – to accumulate wealth.
  • Mane – to avoid evil forces.

 Jade Pendant -Single

If we were to assign ten points to the Jade Pendant Pixiu, for instance Head (4 points), Tail (3 points), Horn (2 points) and Skin (1 point), we will be able to gather the benefits to be derived from the Jade Pendant Pixiu we pick.

Let say we have a Jade Pendant Pixiu that has toad head, ruyi tail, single horn and mane.

Then the beneficial scores will be as follows:

Toad head – 4 points for wealth accumulation.

Ruyi tail – 3 points for wealth accumulation.

Single horn – 2 points for avoidance of evil forces.

Mane – 1 point for avoidance of evil forces.

In short the benefits expected would be 7 points of wealth accumulation and 3 points of avoidance of evil forces.

So choose the Jade Pendant Pixiu to meet your requirement.

Good luck to your purchase!

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