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"Jade FAQ"

Question:  What is the difference between Jadeite and Nephrite Jade?

jade FAQ nephritejade FAQ oily
 Anwser:  The left one is Jadeite Jade and the right one is Nephrite Jade.

CHEMISTRY Jadeite, NaAlSi2O6.                                                          Nephrite, Ca2(Mg,Fe)5(Si4O11)2(OH)2
CRYSTALLOGRAPHY Monoclinic, though usually microscopic

REFRACTIVE INDEX Jadeite 1.64 - 1.667.                                            Nephrite, 1.600 - 1.641
HARDNESS Jadeite 6.5 - 7.                                                                      Nephrite, 6 - 6.5
From left to right: 粉
SPECIFIC GRAVITY Jadeite 3.25 - 3.36.                                               Nephrite, 2.90 - 3.02
ENHANCEMENTS Dying, occasional. Wax impregnation, occasional.

Jade FAQ : What are type A, type B, Type C, Type B +C and Type D Jadeite?

Answer (from Wikipedia)
Jadeite may be enhanced (sometimes called "stabilized"). There are three main methods, sometimes referred to as the ABC Treatment System:

  • Type A jadeite has not been treated in any way except surface waxing.
  • Type B treatment involves exposing a promising but stained piece of jadeite to chemical bleaches and/or acids and impregnating it with a clear polymer resin. This results in a significant improvement of  transparency and colour of the material. Currently, infrared spectroscopy is the most accurate test for the detection of polymer in jadeite.
  • Type C jade has been artificially stained or dyed. The red colour of Red jade can be enhanced with heat. The effects are somewhat uncontrollable and may result in a dull brown. In any case, translucency is usually lost.
  • B+C jade is a combination of B and C: it has been both artificially dyed AND impregnated.
  • Type D jade refers to a composite stone such as a doublet comprising a jade top with a plastic backing.
Jade FAQ :  What are the colors of Jadeite Jade?
Answer: 8 Colors
Jade FAQ jadeite color   
Jade FAQ :: Where can you buy cheap and good Jadeite Jade?
Answer: Most of these towns are in Mainland China.
Guangzhou Hualin Jade Market (广州华林)
Sihui Jade Market (广东四會)
Pingzhou Jade Market(广东平洲)
Jieyang Jade Market (广东揭阳)
Yunnam Ruili Jade Market(雲南瑞丽)

I have not been to Ruili so I can't comment on it.  It is a town bordering Myanmar -the source of Jadeite. Jieyang is noted for its workmenship.  You have to pay a high premium there.
Pingzhou is wellknown for its Jade Bangles for the wholesellers.
Sihui has a morning market that starts from 3am till 9 am.  The quality is not that good; therefore the price is very cheap! A lot of Type B, C and B+C there.
Guangzhou Hualin is the most assessible place to buy if you are a tourist.  There are more than a thousand stalls selling excellent to average pieces. Most stalls only accept cash; no credit cards allowed. The price is slightly higher compared with other places.  Need to bargain hard. There is a street nearby known as rubbish street selling all kinds of inferior quality jadeite. 

Jade FAQ :  How to tell whether the Jadeite Jade has been treated?
It is not an easy task.  Ask for a certificate if the price you paid for the jadeite is high - it won't cost you more than US$3 for a certification by the authority.
The luster of Type B jadeite is different from that of Type A.  Looking under an ultraviolet light (the one you use to check currency notes), Type B jadeite will show blue color. Using a 10X loupe you can also see the acid netting and cracks on the surface.
Acidnettingbcrackcrack 2

The color of Type C jadeite is very unnatural. And the colors always concentrate along the cracklines.
Using spectroscope to determine Type A, Type B and B+C jadeite.
Green type A jadeite will always exhibits an unusual pattern in the red/orange portion of the spectrum.  You will see a triplet -three bars with each bar stronger than the one adjacent to it.  The stongest bar will be at about 685; the next bar is weaker and appears at about 660; the third bar is the the weakest and appears at about 630.   

Top : Using spectroscope to determine Type C jadeite (Dyed )
Below: Using spectroscope to determine  Type B + C jadeite

Jade FAQ :  What are the varieties of jadeite sold in the market?
Jade varieties


From left to right: 粉底 Powder
豆底 Bean
油底 Oil
玻璃底 Glass
冰底 Ice
芙蓉底 Lotus

glass jade

Glass Jade                                     Ice Jade                                       Oil Jade
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