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Jadeite Sayings 翡翠格言

Through many years of practical experience, experts in the field of Jadeite have developed certain Jadeite sayings on the characteristics of Jadeite. We will benefit a lot if we keep these sayings in mind.

Jadeite sayings - Don't observe the jadeite color under light.燈下不觀色

Greyish, bluish and oily green jadeite will look very much better under light; it is important to observe the jadeite color under natural light. Experts only use light to inspect whether there are major flaws and the types of inclusions in the jadeite.

Jadeite sayings - Slight difference in color, ten time difference in price.色差一等,價差十倍

Although the texture quality, shape, size, transparency and flaws of two pieces of jadeite are more or less equal, the price difference can be more than ten times if one has a better color. That shows the importance of color in jadeite valuation.

Jadeite sayings- See more, buy less.多看少買

By seeing more, we will be a more accomplished buyer, and not easily misled to buy pieces of jadeite that are overpriced. It does mean we don't buy at all.

Jadeite sayings- A line of green is better than a patch of green.寕買一条線,不買一大片

jadeite sayings

When evaluate the green color in the boulder, a line of green is better than a patch of green. The line of green will tell us how thick the green color will be, although we still do not know how deep the green color will go. On the other hand, a patch of green color will reveal the area of green color and not the thickness of the green color. Don't be fooled by the presence of a patch of green color, and think that it is always better than a line of green color, and pay unduly high price for the boulder.

Jadeite sayings - Where there is dragon, there is water.龍到處才有水

Dragon refers to the green color in the jadeite; and water means transparency of the jadeite. Texture quality around the green color will be better than those areas that do not have any green color. It is very rare that a piece of jadeite has very good green color but it's texture is of low quality.

Jadeite sayings - Without flaws, it is not necessary to have carvings.無綹 不遮花

Most of the high value jadeite will retain its original conditions. If it is without flaws such as crack line, black spots, or unsightly inclusions, it is not necessary to have carvings on the jadeite. In other words, the carvings on the jadeite is used to cover up the flaws so that they are not easily spotted by the untrained eyes.

Jadeite sayings - observe striking green with cool eyes. 冷眼觀熗緑

When the jadeite has a striking green color, we have to remember that jadeite can be dyed and coated with artificial materials to make it look great and sold at a high price. Our first impression is important, keep cool. Always buy from a reputable shop and get the jadeite certified to be genuine type A jadeite before payment.

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